Leipzig is situated in eastern Germany in the state of Saxony. With a population of more than 520,000, the city is Germany’s twelfth largest city.

The city is an economic, educational, infrastructural and cultural centre of eastern Germany. The Leipzig Trade Fair has achieved international recognition.

Leipzig is often labelled “City of Books” which traces back to its historical significance as a centre for printing and book trading. Its legacy is still visible in numerous museums, exhibitions, the German National Library and the famous Leipzig Book Fair (the second largest of its kind in Germany).

Being a university city, Leipzig is home to many renowned research institutions including three Max-Planck institutes.

Birmingham and Leipzig signed a Memorandum of Understanding in 1992, just three years after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Initial co-operation focused on an exchange of good practice to support Leipzig with its economic regeneration.

Today, we work closely with Leipzig on lobbying for the interests of cities to be recognised in EU Cohesion policy through the EUROCITIES Working Group which Leipzig chairs on this issue. Both cities are also exploring cultural and artistic exchange opportunities.

Further relations between Birmingham and Leipzig is developing in the area of fair trade. In September 2014, a representative of Birmingham City Council visited Leipzig along with a counterpart from Lyon, another of our partner cities for a meeting discussing the overarching theme of ‘How fair is fair trade?’. This will involve panel discussions from various fair trade experts and offers a chance to learn best practices and discover different ideas on the topic.

2015 marks Leipzig’s 1000th anniversary and there will be numerous celebrations to commemorate the city’s milestone including several festivals, exhibitions and concerts among other events. Festivals include The Longest Civic Festival, the Street Theatre Festival, a festival concert and the “1000 years of Leipzig” festival week. Also, as part of the celebrations a special volume of poetry will be released to give an insight into poetry which was written in Leipzig’s fourteen “twin cities”. It is hoped that a poem by Joanna Skelt, Birmingham Poet Laureate 2013-2014, will be included. More information on Leipzig’s 1000th anniversary can be found here.

Further information on Leipzig (in English) is available here: City of Leipzig
Leipzig tourism office