Our Mission

Birmingham City Council’s European and International work aims to build Birmingham, UK’s global competitiveness and influence by working in partnership with the public sector; universities and colleges; business community; sporting and cultural organisations and local community groups plus the people they represent to support the city’s objectives.


Birmingham’s European and international strategy has been put in place to provide a clear framework for the development of the city’s European and international engagement over the next three years.

We aim to become more competitive internationally and more effective when dealing with European and international partners.   There are four objectives underlying this activity which include:


    • Maximising European funding opportunities 2014+


    • Strengthening European and international partnerships, trade and investment


    • Enhancing influence and reputation


    • Developing joined-up working with our key partners


The following priorities and ambitions set the focus of our activity and these include:


    • Jobs and growth: employment and skills; developing economic zones and enterprise development and business support


    • Enhancing infrastructure: green growth and low carbon transition; digital growth and inclusion and smart and integrated mobility


    • Engaged and cohesive communities: social cohesion; social inclusion; crime and safety and neighbourhoods and devolution


    • Knowledge and innovation:  knowledge economy; research and innovation; education and learning and smart specialisation


    • Attracting visitors:  business & leisure tourism; attracting students; the cultural offer and enhancing appeal


    • Trade and investment:  attracting inward investment; enhancing trade links and exploring new markets



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Chairs of Associations


China & the Far East

North & South America

Commonwealth & the Country of Origin



China & the Far East

North & South America + Commonwealth & the Countries of Origin

North & South America + Commonwealth & the Countries of Origin