With 1.3 million inhabitants Milan is Italy’s second most populous city and the capital of Lombardy. Milan is the leading culture, media and fashion metropolis in Italy. It is home to seven universities and an international centre of finance. Milan is famous for many historic buildings attracting millions of tourists every year. The north Italian city is also a transport hub for road, rail and air travel.

Milan is Italy’s economic heart with about half of the country’s largest companies registered in the city. Key economic sectors are the automotive and fashion industry. Other important products made in Milan include machinery, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and chemicals.

Birmingham and Milan have been partner cities since 1975. Previous joint work with Milan have included activities relating to fashion, design, education, social inclusion and entrepreneurship.

Birmingham’s partner city Milan opened the Expo 2015. Under the theme “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”, more than 140 countries are going to present their technology and innovation as well as culture and traditions regarding nutrition and food. A focus is also laid on the right to sufficient and nutritious food for all. For further information about Expo 2015 please visit

Throughout the month of May 2014, various events across the city of Milan celebrated the countdown until the launch of the Expo in May 2015. It is well worth checking the website of Expo in Città (Expo in the City) for updates and news:

This month (May 2015), the famous Pietà Rondanini by Michelangelo Buonarroti will be located in a new area of the Milanese Castello Sforzesco. See more information here. The opening of this space, and the whole renovation operations (done with state-of-the art technologies, in order to best preserve the marble of the sculpture), will stand as a milestone moment for the art and culture scene in Milan. This major cultural events will also accompany the beginning of the Universal Exposition 2015. Moreover, this inauguration will mark the beginning of Expo In Città (Expo in the City), the broad program of events that will liven up the City of  Milan during the six months of Expo 2015.

Further information on Milan (in English) is available here: City of Milan
Milan tourism office