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Welcome to Birmingham and Solihull Youth Promise Plus!

Jobs + Training + Support

For Young People aged 15-29 who are not in Employment, Education and training


Our Offer:


Jobs + training + support

1-2-1 help on the journey plus

Support in all areas of the young person’s life plus

Free travel to training/work/experience/interviews plus

Access to apprenticeships, paid jobs And training plus

Help in work: for the young person and the employer



If you’re not in work, education or training and live in Birmingham or Solihull area, we can give you the chance to gain individual support, skills, and work experience. We’ll also focus on your employability skills to help you move into a job after the course.

With oportunities in a number of sectors – including retail, construction, logistics and hospitality – you’ll gain valuable work experience in your chosen sector.

 Youth Promise Plus won’t affect your benefits. We’ll help cover travel costs, and may be able to help with other costs for example, childcare costs.


If you are aged 15-29 and are currently not in education or employment then e-mail us at youthpromiseplus@Birmingham.gov.uk


Our project aims to support 16,610 Birmingham & Solihull young people (15-29 years) who are NEET (Not engaged in Employment, Education or Training including unemployed and economically inactive). The project will support participants, where appropriate, with pathways to sustainable employment, education and training outcomes.

The project will support young people to secure jobs in local businesses and key sectors by:

  • Integration of service provision across providers
  • Personal holistic support driven by a relationship of trust between beneficiaries and lead professionals
  • A “Work First” approach involving the introduction of young people into some form of supported work environment (or work -facing education or training environment) within 6 weeks of their entry to the project. This project seeks to bring opportunity for employment experience much earlier on to aid participant confidence and experience.
  • Dedicated support to employers to ensure the creation of work environments that are conducive and responsive to beneficiaries support needs but also remain positive for the businesses themselves.


Birmingham and Solihull Youth Promise Plus is a flagship employment pathway project funded under the European Commission ESIF programme Youth Employment Initiative (YEI) arrangements.  The project is overseen by a partnership steering group endorsed by the Greater Birmingham & Solihull Local Enterprise Partnership (GBSLEP). Birmingham City Council is acting as lead accountable body for the project.


 Youth Promise Plus is a Birmingham and Solihull Employment Pathway Project supported by the European Social Fund and Youth Employment Initiative.

Partners/Delivery Organisations-The link below will take you to the most recent versions of our documents (please note these are password protected):

Youth Promise Plus Documents



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