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The Association discussed the city’s involvement in North America as well as current and future projects concerning the four areas of education, culture and sport, public service and business and trade. The Association also discussed the forthcoming visit from the Chicago Consul General. More details about […]

Councillor Mike Leddy, Lord Mayor of Birmingham, has just returned from a visit to Washington and Chicago. His visit focused on the showcasing of Birmingham’s culture and progressing our Sister City relationship with Chicago. In Washington the Lord Mayor accompanied the Birmingham Contemporary Music Group […]

North America is important to the people and organisations of Birmingham. In recognition of that a related Association has been established under the chairmanship of Professor Jo Andrews from Birmingham City University. With the intention of promoting meaningful engagement between Birmingham and North America the […]

The North and South America Association’s Group is meeting on 14 July at Birmingham City Council House at 04.30 pm.

This library is a repository for: Documents related to the North &South America association, including: Reports Strategies Meeting agendas Meeting notes Action plans Association activity reports

Our work with the North and South America promotes activity of mutual benefit to the people and organisations of Birmingham and North America. America ranks as the biggest investor into the city, almost twice the number of investment projects to the next biggest investor, Germany. […]

Latin America economic growth is forecast to be one of the strongest globally, rising from close to 3% in 2015 to an expected 3.6% in 2019.  Brazil (growth projected to increase to 3.5% by 2019), Chile (4.5% by 2019) and Colombia (4.6% by 2019) are […]

Minutes of the America Association meeting from 03 June 2014
Agenda of the America Association meeting: 03 June 2014
Minutes of the America Association meeting from 01 May 2014