Erasmus celebrates 30th birthday in January 2017

The exchange programme’s 30th birthday was celebrated in Brussels on 26 January 2017. More than five million young Europeans have benefited from this programme since 1987, of which hundreds of thousands were UK citizens, students as well as staff. The benefits of an academic stay abroad range from better chances on the job market to higher academic attainment, better intercultural as well as language skills to increased independence and confidence of the participants. This applies to the students going abroad as much as to their supervisors in the receiving country. Through Erasmus institutions can maintain partnerships easier and the quality of those is protected by the Erasmus charter and learning agreements.

Throughout the 30 years of its existence, the EU programme has been very successful and is recognised by employers, institutions and governments all over the world. It is a well-established brand. It has the potential to make the UK’s campuses open and tolerant, participants get the chance to develop personally, academically and professionally. Apart from all of this it helps institutions and individuals to establish and maintain important partnerships. Happy birthday Erasmus!