Regions, EU Institutions and Policy-Making: Free Online-Course Opens on Monday 19 October

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The Committee of the Regions, the official EU body representing the views of local & regional government, is offering a free online course on EU decision making and the impact of the EU on local policies. More info below and attached for those interested.

 Regions, EU institutions and policy-making: Free online-course opens on Monday 19 October – register now!

The first-ever online course on “regions, EU institutions and policy-making” by an EU institution opens on Monday 19 October 2015.

The objective of this 8-week free e-learning course by the European Committee of the Regions is to create a learning platform on EU affairs and to discuss the impact of the EU on local policies. The course is designed for officials working for regions and cities as well as for students and others interested in EU affairs.

The course is available on –learning platform. Each course week is dedicated to a specific theme, presented through interviews and debates with politicians, experts and academics from all over the EU, completed with factsheets, infographics, suggestions for further reading – and a social forum for exchange and questions to experts.

More information including a preview video is available at: