European Twin Cities Cup, 3 May 2015

All teams running

Teams from four of Birmingham’s European twin cities arrived to the city on Sunday 3rd May to take part in the first ever Birmingham European Capital of Running Team 10k Cup, as part of the Morrisons Great Birmingham 10k.

The cities that participated in the event were 5 in total: Milan, Leipzig, Lyon, Birmingham and Frankfurt. The respective teams were made up by 3 males and 3 females. All the participants enjoyed the race and performed to the best of their abilities. However in the end team Milan emerged victorious although by a small margin compared to runner up team Birmingham.

Milan with their trophyFull results are as follows:

  1. Milan – 35:04
  2. Birmingham – 35:19
  3. Leipzig – 36:09
  4. Lyon – 37:34
  5. Frankfurt – 39:42


The results are based on the first men and first women from each team and an average team result for the remaining 4 runners from each team.






1. CUNEAZ René, , Cus Pro Patria Milano

2. TURRONI Alessandro, Cus Pro Patria Milano

3. ROGNONI Dario, Cus Pro Patria Milano


1. AURIN Jakob,  Laufteam Leipzig

2. RICHTER Max,  Laufteam Leipzig

3. SCHOFISCHMarcus, Laufteam Leipzig


1. DEPREZ Remi, AC Tassin

2. THIVOLLE, Remi, AC Tassin

3. CASSE, Martin, AC Tassin


1. JERVIS Thomas, University of Birmingham

2. SOLEY Adam, University of Birmingham

3. AL LATHA Youssef, Birchfield Harriers

1. STOCK Florian, Frankfurter Laufshop

2. SCHENK Niko, Frankfurter Laufshop

3. JOHN Thomas, Frankfurter Laufshop

1. ROSCALLA Cristina,  Cus Pro Patria Milano

2. COVA Elisa,  Cus Pro Patria Milano

3. BRAMBILLA Alessia, Cus Pro Patria Milano

1. KUMMICH Lydia, Laufteam Leipzig

2. ZEDLER Marie, Laufteam Leipzig

3. HARTENSTEIN Astrik,  Laufteam Leipzig



2. DURAND Domitille, AC Tassin

3. VARAINE Emmanuelle, AC Tassin


1. KHAN Sian, Birchfield Harriers

2. HAYNES Ruth, University of Birmingham

3. BURGIN Alice, University of Birmingham


1. MERGET Lisa, Frankfurter Laufshop

2. MOSER Tania, Frankfurter Laufshop

3. BERZ Nicola, Frankfurter Laufshop


The course led the runners close to many of the city’s landmarks. Starting on Jennens Rd, close to Millennium Point and Thinktank, the route passed Selfridges and the Bullring Shopping Centre before heading out along the Pershore Rd to near the Midland Arts Centre in Cannon Hill Park, taking a lap of the stadium at Edgbaston Cricket Ground. After a more challenging uphill section between 7km and 8km, the route headed back towards the city centre, with a downhill finish into Broad Street.

Steve Hollingworth, the Assistant Director for Sport, Events and parks at Birmingham City Council, said   “We are delighted that Birmingham’s twin cities from across Europe i.e. Frankfurt, Leipzig, Milan and Lyon, have agreed to take up the challenge in this inaugural year and we hope that the event will become an established date on the European calendar.“