Celebrating Iwaji, the New Yam Festival, 1 August 2015

Birmingham’s Nigerian Igbo community organise and celebrate Iwaji, an important heritage, during the month of August. The festival is a way to talk about, share and keep the cultural traditions alive. The New Yam festival, known as Iwaji, is the celebration of the importance of yam – the main agricultural crop and the staple food of the Igbo community.

Yam festival

“Yam festival celebrations” by Jeff Haskins used under Creative Commons 2.0

Igbo Community Association in the Midlands is a social and welfare voluntary organisation dedicated to strengthen the Igbo community in the West Midlands as well as sharing the cultural values with the people of the West Midlands. Igbo people come from the eastern part of Nigeria (West Africa) and are one of the main Nigerian ethnic groups.

Event details very soon.