Europe Day, 5th May 2015, 11am – 4pm

Europe Day will be organised by the Europe Direct Information Centre Birmingham at the Library of Birmingham to commemorate 9 May 1950 seen as the first major symbolic day in the Europe creation process. In order to develop and preserve peaceful relations between European countries, the former French Foreign Minister Robert Schuman presented on 9 May 1950 the ‘Schuman declaration’ which is now considered as the first act to organise a way of living and working together within Europe.

The event will be structured in two conferences. In the morning, a MEP’s debate ‘What are we doing for you?’ is a unique chance for citizens and businesses to come, ask questions and discuss about the role of MEPs at the European Commission. In the afternoon, a ‘Business Masterclass’ is an occasion to hear about the J. Hudson & Co business success story for inspiration and motivation.

To register for the seminars, CLICK HERE.

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Europe Direct Information Centre Birmingham

The Europe Direct Information Centre Birmingham, based at the Birmingham Chamber of Commerce, has been created to help and advice about anything related to the European Union, from the EU policies and their effects on the UK to business, funding and travelling.

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