International Congress: Transforming Care, 24 February 2015 London

The Birmingham led project DISCOVER is organising their final conference on 24 Feb 2015 in London. The conference will share the results and findings from the project and also to engage wider debate around the use of technologies in transformation of care. This will explore the latest advances and innovative use of digital technologies to enable better citizen and patient centred care provision through innovations in digital health care technologies, training and support services.

This event will bring together health and care professionals, practitioners, carer organisations, policy makers and academia to discuss and further advance the uptake and innovative use of digital technologies to enhance care provision and support services for carers and the leaders who will redefine health, wellbeing and care systems.

It will share findings and results from the European (CIP-ICT-PSP) project DISCOVER that is challenging existing practices to create accessible learning solutions for carers and care workers to improve care provision through unique training methodologies and use of ICT solutions.

The Congress will include Ministerial address, high profile speakers from across Europe and a range of interactive and participative sessions providing the platform for discussion and debate to exchange ideas and discuss concrete solutions to improve and deliver the best possible digital inclusion and services for carers as well as share lessons from successes and failures across the wider care sector and international activity

Conference themes include:

Skills for Care

  • Managing needs of professional care workers and carers
  • Personal development, learning and health coaching
  • Access to information and data literacy

Connected Care

  • Supporting independence and active ageing
  • Overcoming loneliness and isolation
  • Patient centred interfaces providing tailored healthcare solutions
  • Improving systems to support information and advice


Call for Participation see more here

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