Longbridge Light Festival “Back to the Future”- 25 October 2014

Set within the new Longbridge town centre, the inaugural Longbridge Light Festival is going to take place on 25 October, from 6-10pm. It will contain a combination of newly commissioned artworks, special events, Longbridge Public Art Project (LPAP) artists-in-residence work in progress and an exciting participatory programme. Local businesses and community groups will also be opening their doors to the general public. Longbridge Light Festival “Back to the Future” is part of Longbridge Public Art Project (LPAP), a wider research based and process driven project, by WERK on behalf of Bournville College, to support the regeneration of the area. The Festival has been curated by LPAP artists in residence Chris Poolman and Elizabeth Rowe. It touches upon ideas of science fiction in terms of the strangeness of the new local landscape, sustainability in the city of the future, and also the need to look to the future, whilst celebrating a past that is vital to the identity of the community. Featured artists who will be transforming Longbridge town centre include Matthew J Watkins, Pitaya and Anna Schimkatt. The full list of Longbridge Light Festival artists is available here.

Longbridge Light Festival is just one of four major LPAP outcomes, the rest is yet to unfold.