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Senior officials from South Korea’s public authority for industrial development were in Birmingham this week to learn how the city’s industrial strategy could help shape the development of  51 industrial parks in their country. South Korea is one of the world’s most innovative countries, already […]

A visit by a representative of the President’s Office of the Republic of Korea to International Synergies has paved the way for collaboration between the two countries.  Ms LeeRang Song, Assistant Director for the Office of the Secretary to the President for Trade, Industry and […]

  The European and International Affairs team host a number of interns over the course of any given year. Their roles are wide ranging: from helping out on the Frankfurt Christmas Market, to supporting the upkeep of the website, to undertaking bespoke pieces of research. […]

With a staggering population of around 8 million people, Changchun is the largest city in the Jilin province.  Location wise, it sits in the area once known as Manchuria, not far from the border with North Korea. Along with its neighbouring province of Liaoning, Changchun […]