BETTER is to adopt good practices

BETTER is gradually turning its focus from examining good practices to adopting them. The project’s mission requires the involved cities to stimulate their regional innovation chains by improving e-government solutions. In the past months, partner cities held three ‘Study visits’ as follows:

While in earlier stages – through Thematic events and Study visits – partners collected and examined good practices to tackle their innovation challenges; their main focus now is to learn how to best adopt them.
This process will be done through ‘Import workshops’ where the ‘owner’ and the ‘importing partner’ work together to apply the good practice in its new environment.
With Semester #5 we are closing a period full of preparatory work. BETTER is soon reaching the last semester of its three-year international learning phase. The coming months will certainly be the most vibrant stage of the project. Among other activities, partner cities are to hold five more Study visits, five Import workshops and five Regional events – all to shape, finalize and disseminate their ‘Regional Action Plans’ which they formulate in order to implement innovation chain improvements.
Due to continued public health concerns related to coronavirus / COVID-19, non-virtual meetings will only be held if travelling and entering restrictions are not in place anymore.
BETTER is an Interreg Europe project of five city governments (Genoa-IT, Gävle-SE, Birmingham-UK Tartu-EE, Nyíregyháza-HU). The project’s mission is to stimulate the partners’ regional innovation chains through improved regional innovation strategies. For more information, please visit our website or:
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