Open Innovation Lab, 24th – 30th September 2015


Innovation is at the forefront of making Birmingham a competitive and economically-viable city. From 24th – 30th September, there will be a pop-up lab – the Operation Innovation Lab (OIL) – running which its host, Innovation Birmingham, are seeking collaborators to work extensively with local start-ups and knowledgeable experts to accelerate these business to production and promotion. There will be various workshop tackling 4 integral themes: Network of Humans, Network of Things, Engineering Design, Industrial Design, Web Design.

For those interested in collaborating with any of the projects at the event, please follow the application form here.

The event will be held at the Innovation Birmingham Campus and run from 10:00 to 17:00 each day.

The Open Innovation Lab Week comes after the event officially kicks off on 23rd September with an insightful conference on innovation and sustainability for the future of smart cities and how design can create economic growth. The conference is free to attend, but participants must register for the event here.

So whether you’re an app software guru, a funding expert, a sustainability officer, researcher or are just simply very passionate about your city, you can hone your talents and skill that will most certainly impact on the development of products entering the market soon!