Lightfest Science Festival taking place on the 25th September 2015

Public LectureDid you know… 2015 is the International Year of Light, so there’s never been a better time to learn about the science behind it. Through a series of events, workshops and lectures, students can get a hands-on understanding of light science in a single day.

EU funded Lightfest will showcase how photonics impacts our everyday life and what researchers do in the laboratories from light science to photonics technology.

The event will provide an opportunity to show how broad photonics research is, covering topics from astrophysics and structure of our universe to DNA structure and links between light and life.

The idea is to present the science of light in an inspirational fashion, to give it broad appeal to a cross section of society and clarify that science is accessible to all.

Lightfest makes a powerful and contemporary appeal to heart and mind. For anyone who has admired a rainbow, downloaded a favourite video, benefitted from laser eye correction, or stopped to think about the application of light in science Lightfest is for you.

Come and join us at the Library of Birmingham this September and discover the science of light. Learn about the backbone of the internet, make music through laser beams and use optics to see what lurks in Birmingham’s canal water.