Birmingham based doctor wins place at prestigious Breast Cancer Symposium in Chicago

Dr Naren Basu, of the University of Birmingham and Queen Elizabeth Hospital, has been selected to take part in the annual Lynn Sage Breast Cancer Symposium in Chicago, one of Birmingham’s sister cities.

The symposium, which attracts 800 physicians, is an annual professional educational event providing recent clinical and scientific advances in breast cancer research.  Each year, the Lynn Sage Cancer Research foundation awards up to 14 clinicians from the 28 different Chicago sister cities the chance to attend the symposium.The program is an unrivaled opportunity to collaborate with a world renowned cancer center, to meet breast cancer experts from around the world, and to learn about practical patient care strategies and the exciting possibilities of breast cancer research.


Dr Basu had to go through a competitive application process in order to gain a place.
The Chicago Sister Cities Medical Initiative Program will provide funding to Dr Basu and the majority of travel expenses. This excellent achievement will provide Dr Basu with a great opportunity to share his work on the international stage as well as learning from peers in the field of breast cancer research.
Chipo Nyambuya, vice counsel at the British Consulate General in Chicago, said the news was “fantastic” and called the symposium a “wonderful opportunity”.

This accomplishment provides further proof of Birmingham and Chicago’s strong and fruitful partnership.

Further information on the Lynn Sage Breast Cancer Symposium Sister Cities Programme can be found here.