Introduction to Waste Awareness Event – 10 July 2014

new-ERDF-logoThis event is open to all SMEs operating in the West Midlands region and is FREE to attend.

The course provides an introduction to waste and resources management and will help your company:

  • Cut costs on raw materials & waste disposal
  • Move by-products up the value chain, turning wasted resources into tradable commodities
  • Develop a standardised approach to identifying and collecting data on your company’s waste resource
  • Prioritise data according to your business needs
  • Practice techniques to improve the resource efficiency of your business, including process mapping
  • Use tools such as process mapping to identify wasted resources
  • Adapt the process to form the basis of an environmental management system or waste auditing system.

The course is FREE to attend for SMEs operating in the West Midlands and is supported by the European Regional Development Fund. To book directly onto the course please visit and register as a member (it’s also free and takes just a few minutes)

Alternatively email or call 0121 433 2660