Chinese property investors commit to Birmingham

130 Colmore RowThe Chinese flag is now flying on Colmore Row following a landmark property deal by a Hangzhou based investment consortium. 130 Colmore Row, previously owned by the City Council, will be redeveloped as a multi-use site with a focus on attracting further Chinese business to the city. The possibility of direct flights, the strong interest from China in the HS2 project and the work of raising Birmingham’s profile in China by the city council has helped to ensure Chinese investors are confident in committing capital to the city.

The investment was steered by China Area Focused Association member James Ng of JN Legal who told the Birmingham Post that “this represents a step forward for the growth of the city, and now for us we want to get more. And it sends a good message – that in this city there is a level playing field for foreign investors. I have felt for a long time that one of the unique selling points is to have a Grade A office location for mainland Chinese people to do work in Birmingham. I am a strong advocate of 21st century China. There is a difference between China today and the China from when Chinatown was founded”.

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