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  An ecosystem is like a finely tuned Swiss watch.  Poetry in motion if you have all the relevant cogs and springs in place, but with one wheel out of kilter, the movement can go to pot.  Investment in people and skills is the oil […]

On the 15th of August 2017, the world celebrated the 70th Anniversary of the Partition of India. In 1947, India became divided from British India and a new country- Pakistan was formed. This changed the lives of the citizens of this great continent. To mark […]

The State of Ohio is one of the US’s leaders in Manufacturing, Automotive production, Aerospace, Lifescience technologies, Polymers and plastics, Defence, Equipment & Machinery, Advanced Energy, Chemicals and much else besides. Located within a 500 m The State of Ohio is one of the US’s […]

Both Birmingham and Johannesburg are pleased to announce the enhancement of their collaborative engagement. From the inception of Johannesburg`s first ever formal international relationship, with Birmingham the 2 cities have enjoyed a wide-ranging and productive Sister City relationship. That engagement has recently been extended to […]

Representatives of Birmingham City Council, Birmingham City University, University of Birmingham and West Midlands Police visited Chicago in November 2013 to progress various elements of the current work programme agreed between the 2 cities.  In essence engagement between Birmingham and Chicago is stronger now than […]

North America is important to the people and organisations of Birmingham. In recognition of that a related Association has been established under the chairmanship of Professor Jo Andrews from Birmingham City University. With the intention of promoting meaningful engagement between Birmingham and North America the […]

As a city of world status, Chicago is not only home to 2.7m people but also to many multi-national companies including: Boeing; Sears;  Jones Lang LaSalle and Motorola.  In fact, it was that business and financial service focus which also attracted Birmingham City Council and […]